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What is The Lyrical Movement?

Launched in 2017, The Lyrical Movement (TLM) is an urban collective aspiring to highlight independent artists and advocates of the arts, music, fashion, media, education, and social advocacy whose efforts are somehow rooted in hip-hop and urban culture.

The Lyrical Movement is also a human services initiative, hosting and highlighting events that promote positive youth development and social awareness. A percentage of the profits made will go towards event and program development. 


What is TLMSnapbacks?

Designed for the hip-hop enthusiast who wants to represent the culture and bridge urbanwear with sophistication, TLMSnapbacks is the OFFICIAL merchandise line of The Lyrical Movement franchise. We started with customized snapback/dad hats, and are expanding with the launch of an apparel line, releasing tees, sweatshirts, and more for the entire family.


See more styles and customer faves, and stay updated by visiting @TLMSnapbacks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Thank you for supporting The Lyrical Movement!


Slim Trim

Founder, TLM

CEO, TLMSnapbacks

Lyricist/Songwriter, SlimTrimSound